A/C service unit ATH AC134a

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A/C service unit ATH AC134a – Fully automatic A/C Service unit of ATH-Heinl


  • Fully automatic, without manual valves for R134a
  • Fully automatic operation function
  • Self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Vehicle database
  • Three manometers with 60 mm diameter for HP-LP cylinder pressure
  • Fully automatic pressure regulation and control of internal cooling agent tank
  • Internal flushing function to avoid fresh oil blends of different types of oil
  • Automatic injection of oil and UV agent for leak detection
  • 10 kg internal cooling agent tank
  • Integrated thermal printer

Technical data:

  • Power supply: AC220V±10~ 50/60Hz || AC110V±10~ 60Hz
  • Average gase state refrigerant recovery speed: 0.25 kg/min.
  • Internal drier-filter capacity: 600 ml
  • Charge speed: 2 kg/min (max.)

Technical data

Kältemittel R 134a
Kältemittelinhalt 12 kg
Vacuum pump power 120 l/min
Max. operating pressure 20 bar
Kompressor 3/8 HP
Dimensions (W x D x H) 635 x 585 x 1075 mm