TW SA – 55 G – PROFI Platform Scissor Lift

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TW SA – 55 G – PROFI Platform Scissor Lift

PROFI Platform Scissor Lift Ideal for on ground or in-ground installation. Lifing capacity up to 5500 kg One of our more Powerfull lifts,for large Transporters ,Campers and ofcourse for cars. Perfect for all servicing work and Including Axel-Alignement. Intergrated sliding plates and front recesses for turntables. The play tester is also included. Turntables are available as an option.


  • Top built quality with CE-certificate
  • Manufactured with accordance to ISO 9001
  • CE-Stop and warning signal when lowering
  • Hydraulic levelling system fort he syncronization
  • Top quality massive construction
  • Acoustic warning signal when lowering (Foot protection)
  • Automatic saftey lock and release ( Compressed air required )
  • Runways with drive on ramps and roll off protection
  • Schlauchpakete 3000 mm

Techical Data

Lifting capacity
5500 kg
Max. lifting height
1750 mm
Drive on height
Flureben (0 mm) bei Unterflurmontage
Lifting time ca.
75/55 sek.
Power supply
400V / 3 Phasen
Motor power
2,2 kW
16 A
2760 kg


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