Compressor Compressor 200l 400V ppa4900 IT

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Compressor Compressor 200l 400V ppa4900 IT

Product description
Two-stroke, two-cylinder oil-filled piston compressor
Equipped with:
– cast iron cylinder
– aluminum alloy pistons
– stainless steel valves
– air cooler and pulley for optimal compressor cooling ABAC B4900B high speed rotary pump for longer service life
1200 rpm
200 liter tank painted powder coated and protected against corrosion
In the condensate drain valve
Pressure switch (pressure regulator) with relief valve and thermal protection to protect the motor from overload
The vertical pressure reducer with pressure gauge has two quick couplers
Heavy duty traveling wheels improve compressor mobility

Technical data

Power supply – 400 V
Tank capacity – 200 liters
Pump Type – ABAC B-4900B
Compressor speed – 1200 rpm
Number of plungers – 2
Number of compression stages – 1
Sound level – 94.9 db
Theoretical capacity – 514 l / min (30,8 m3 / h)
Effective capacity – 385 l / min (23,1 m3 / h)
Maximum pressure – 10 bar
Engine – 3.0 kW (4.0 HP)
Weight: 110 kg
Dimensions: 1400x540x98